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Welcome to the CWA Local 1180 Security Benefits Fund


Welcome to the CWA Local 1180 Security Benefits Fund. When you became a new member, you should have filled out a Benefits Enrollment Form, Life Insurance/Designation of Beneficiary Cardand an  Authorization to Deduct Union Dues Card.   If you have not yet filled out these documents, please do so immediately and return them to the Fund to start receiving benefits.

If you are married and/or have dependent children, please send the Fund a copy of your marriage certificate and your dependent children’s birth certificates. Active members’ domestic partners are eligible for benefits by the City of New York Domestic Partners’ Health Insurance Coverage when the Fund is presented with proof of certification. If your dependent is ages 19-26, please be sure to fill out the enrollment form for “Dependent Extended Coverage,"  which is available upon request by contacting the Funds Office at 212.966.5353.

The Outline of Benefits for Active Employees describes the broad array of benefits available to you and your eligible dependents through the Fund. The Summary Plan Description will provide you with more details about each benefit.

All Active members receive a prescription card after the Fund receives your completed enrollment form. Please allow several weeks for processing. To submit for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drugs you may require before you receive your prescription card, you will need to submit a Reimbursement Form,  which is available by contacting the Funds Office at 212.966.5353, or by logging into your member portal to access your personalized form. 

The CWA Local 1180 Members’ Annuity Fund Beneficiary Designation Form pertains to tax-deferred contributions made by the City of New York, Department of Education, H+H, various Retirement Systems, NYC Transit, and Housing Authority on behalf of our members. The form should be completed, signed, dated, witnessed, and mailed to Administrative Services Only, In c., 303 Merrick Road, Suite 300, Lynbrook, NY 11563.

Informational material that describes the dental, hearing, and optical plans should be read carefully as each has multiple options. You must choose a dental coverage plan for yourself and your eligible dependents when you become a new Local 1180 member.

To expedite your coverage, please send to the Fund any pertinent information from your agency that verifies your appointment and date of entry into a title covered by CWA Local 1180. Return all required documents described above to the CWA Local 1180 Security Benefits Fund. If you have any questions please feel free to call the Fund Office at 212.966.5353



Board of Trustees

Gloria Middleton, Chair  |  Gerald Brown  |  Teesha Foreman  |  Robin Blair-Batte  |  Debra Paylor  |  Arthur Cheliotes  
Damien Arnold, Fund Administrator


red tilted fade Tight Outline of Benefits for Active Employees

The Outline of Benefits for Active Employees describes the broad array of benefits available to you and your eligible dependents through the Fund. The Summary Plan Description will provide you with more details about each benefit.

Benefits for Covered Full-time Employees Only

Life Insurance  arrow%30
$5,000 ($1,000 for part-time)

Accidental Death & Dismemberment  
$5,000 ($1,000 for part-time)

Weekly Accident and Sickness Benefit  
$250 weekly for up to 13 weeks

Education Benefits Fund  arrow%30

College Tuition Reimbursement
Up to $400 per semester

Book Reimbursement 
Up to $25 each semester for course-related books

Adult Education/NYC Reimbursable Courses
Up to $200 in a calendar year for job-related courses

Legal Benefits Fund  arrow%30
Consultations, most civil matters handled free

Annuity Benefits Fund  arrow%30
Currently $526.14per annum for certain employees

Retirement Counseling  arrow%30
Pension & Health Insurance Counseling


Benefits for Covered Full-time Employees and Spouses Only

Parental Benefit  arrow%30

Birth/Adoption Benefit
Members may receive a maximum of $100 for each birth or adoption. Certificate of birth or adoption must be submitted along with claim form

Podiatry Benefit  arrow%30
Up to $10 a visit for a maximum of four office visits per calendar year

Hearing Aid Benefit  arrow%30
Hearing Aid Reimbursement Benefit

   Benefits Office Contact Information

Security Benefits, Retiree Benefits, Education Benefits 
and Legal Benefits Funds

6 Harrison St., 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10013-2898 

212.966.5353   |   888.966.5353 (out-of-area)


Annuity Benefits Fund 

Administrative Services Only, Inc. 
303 Merrick Road, Suite 300, Lynbrook, NY 11563-9010

877.999.3555 (Toll Free)  |

Benefits for Covered Full-time Employees and Dependents

Dental Coverage
(Adults 19 years of age and older)
Choose one of the following:

Dentcare/Healthplex Plan  arrow%30
Fund Scheduled Dental Plan  arrow%30
Anthem BC/BS XPO  arrow%30
Emblem Preferred Dental  arrow%30

Home Health Care
$150 for each of three consecutive 24-hour periods up to $450 per calendar year

General Medical Reimbursement
$150 per family per calendar year

Optical Benefit
(Adults 19 years of age and older)
Up to
$200 (effective 1/1/2024) per pair of prescription glasses; maximum 1 pair per individual, per calendar year. Limit 4 pairs per family annually, not including pediatric optical benefit.

Optical Vendor Options: (Note: you may use any vendor’s network providers)
Comprehensive Professional Services arrow%30
General Vision Services arrow%30
Vision Screening arrow%30

Pediatric Optical Benefit
(Children under 19 years of age)
No-cost benefit. Must use a network provider. 

A pair of prescription glasses annually from a special selection of frames. If the child’s prescription changes during the year, new glasses will be provided without cost.

Mental Health Benefit
Up to $300 a year per person for out-of-hospital mental health services (licensed psychiatrist, psychotherapist or psychologist, or certified social worker)

Prescription Drug Benefit
Capital Rx arrow%30
No Annual Dollar Maximum

(Except Court Employees who receive this benefit through their basic health plan)

Preventative Medications
No co-payments with a doctor’s prescription 

Co-payment: Generic, $5 up to a 30-day supply at retail; $10 up to 90-day supply through mail order
Brand Name: 20% for 30-day supply, retail; 20% for 90-day supply mail order
Brand Name Drugs with Generic Equivalent: You pay the difference between the price of the brand name drug and the price of the generic drug at retail and mail order

Proton Pump Inhibitors
Generics only

Specialty Medications
High-cost drugs used to treat complex or rare conditions. First 30-day fill allowed at participating pharmacies; thereafter, refills must be made through Costco Pharmacy (mail order) 

Diabetic Medications and Supplies  
Members under age 65 are covered by their City Health Insurance Provider

Step Therapy  
For certain classes of drug therapies, medication starts with the safest and most cost-effective drug before progressing to more costly or risky therapies. The Fund will only pay for generic drugs in the step therapy drug class.  Members and dependents taking brand name drugs prior to January 1, 2014, with no exact generic equivalent please refer to grandfather rules.